I.e selector region moved up left side of element

Hi guys, i have a issue in I.E

the selector region is not properly alliged to the element

when i run the process it does not click the correct postion but little up left side of the element.
is there any solution for this?

thank you?

Hi @kishore.shetty,

This is easily fixed in the ‘Click’ Activity, in Properties under Options there is one called CursorPosition.
Click on the + , here you can set an Offset to change the position where to actually perform the Click.

Hope this fixes your problem,


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Thank you for the help :grin:

Well it does solve the issue temporarily but for future every activity On IE I develop on my client system will need a cursor position fix

I was hopping for permanent fix for this issue.


I think this is just part of building robots

hi @Astin,

Could you mind share which element you exactly want and the selector of it? :slight_smile:


It does for every element of any web page in IE but not in chrome

I dnt think so it is part of development but some issue between uipath and IE for me

Hi @kishore.shetty ,

Sorry for wrong tag :slight_smile:

I encountered something like that issue before. I used to Windows 7 and it starts some performance issues.However, i ve changed my device recently.

Anyway, you can try to Indicate element again with changing UI frameworks type from DEFAULT to UI Automation like below.


Thanks @alpersahin

I tried it but still no changes :slightly_frowning_face:
Hope it will be cleared when my client updates the studio

hi @kishore.shetty Please try to removed and re-install again. And also try upgrade and downgrade the version of studio.

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