Could Not Start Executor. The User Name Or Password Is Incorrect. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007052E) - KB

Error fix for "Could not start executor. The user name or password is incorrect. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007052E) ".

Step by Step guide:

  1. Open the Robot settings in the Orchestrator window & reapply the Robot Password

Provide both domain\ username and password for Orchestrator to create a Remote session on Robot / Studio machine.

Username - If Robot username is in a domain, write it in the “domain\username” format.
Password - Provide the password to login to the Host machine.
Verify now

  1. Go to services.msc and look for the service “UiRobot” and check under what useraccount it is running

Change the account under which UiRobot service was running to localsystem . (Identify if the Robot is running under Robot service account, change that to local system)
localsystem (which is default configuration) this ensures that service has access to all local resources.
( Run -> Services.msc -> UiPath Robot )

Restart the Robot service. Verify now .

  1. Verify the encryption key in the web.config file. (If performed an upgrade and facing the issue)

Cross check with the config which is taken as a backup.

  1. If still facing the issue, re-provision the Robot again to solve the Issue.

  1. If multiple credential stores are set up, switch from the existing credential provider to other one and update. Later, switch back to the existing one.

Eg: If there are two credential providers like Orchestrator Database and AzureKey vault and have Orchestrator DB selected in the Unattended Robot settings, switch it to Azurekeyvault and click update. Switch back to Orchestrator DB and click on update again. This ensures the username or password are re-written to DB.

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