Citrix application automation error


Hi , Am trying to do citrix application automation in uipath but am unable to find the click operation and type into operation and even I couldn’t find the proper selector for this.I have enabled citrix extension but am getting error like enable remote runtime exe after enabled this also am unable to automate application properly and I should use dynamic selector for click operation for clicking multiple values can anyone give me solution would be a thankful.

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Kindly try with computer vision activities
Before that reinstall the Citrix extension Once and try
If that doesn’t work then try with computer vision activities

Cheers @DivyaT

But am unable to get selectors am using that also ,is problem with community edition?

No may be with application
Hmm fine we still got options that are reliable
We can try with send hot key activity with keys like tab to navigate across fields and enter key to Click onto a key

Cheers @DivyaT

Hi @DivyaT,
Please remember that extension is not everything. You need also to have runtime installed on Citrix Workers to be able to catch selectors.


Am little bit confusion on this could you tell me clearly.

You need to have to install Citrix extension on computer where you have Studio installed. And you need to have to install Runtime and the citrix servers on which you will automate the application. Runtime is “contacting” with extension and gives the opportunity to grab selectors etc.

Kindly check the above snap and let me know am struggling with this issue from past 2 weeks

I assume that this CutromerX application is running through the Citrix/Receiver right? Please check in Receiver if the Worker/Citrix Server you are assigned with is the exact one where you have runtime installed.

You need to remember that if Citrix is configured to deliver application based on Delivery Group where there are more than one server, then this runtime needs to be installed on all of these servers. Otherwise UiPath Studio will be working only when session will be connected to the one server where runtime was installed.

Actually client is refusing when take this in front , still they are asking some other solution .

Other way which can be used is Computer Vision package and it’s activities.

You can check for more information here:

I used this but here I couldn’t find selectors for clicking multiple values and if it found multiple buttons it is giving error like duplicate values found

Can you show example?

Try to indicate text inside the button not the button itself. Like on my screenshot below (green mark):

If it not let you mark text, try to use other OCR engine.

Hi,how to install remote runtime.exe on citrix server i mean where will get .exe file?

Hi @DivyaT,
Everything is described here:

if we install remote runtime in citrix server,is that interface with uipath which is installed in my machine


Yes exactly. Then uipath studio will easily identify elements in remote machine and also will get proper selectors.

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In this they mentioned UiPathPlatformInstaller.exe where will find this?

It can be downloaded from here :slight_smile: