Citrix browser automation

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I’m preparing to automate Citrix browser-based application. The Citrix client will be actually served an Edge browser with the target bussiness application.

What are the prerequisites for setting up automation in such scenario? Is it enough to have UiPathRemoteRuntime running in the remote server session and Citrix extension installed on a client machine?

The documentation About Automating Citrix Technologies states that:

With the UiPath Extension for Citrix and UiPath Remote Runtime component installed, the following actions are enabled:

  • Generating selectors for UI elements in Citrix Apps and Desktops.
  • Using the activities from the UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities package (such as Click, Type Into, and more).
  • Using mouse and keyboard monitoring events activities.
  • Using Data and Screen Scraping Wizards.
  • Automating browsers opened as Citrix Apps.

It does not mention any other steps such as installing UiPath browser extension on the remote server

Hi @Sparrow

It will not be necessary since you are communicating directly with the citrix server, not with the browser or the applications as such. In some cases, you may have problems with selectors or elements that will not be fully recognized and the default activities such as click and type into will not work, most likely in those cases you should add automation with computer vision activities and Image automation

Setting up for citrix automation:



@fernando_zuluaga Thanks for fast response!

Your welcome!

one more thing that will be useful in citrix automation would be to install the citrix receiver in the remote machine you will work


Do you mean to install and run the Citrix app in a Citrix receiver on a client machine? This is the base scenariom Citrix app will be started using Cirix Rwceiver/Workspace client.

Yes, install within the remote machine, this is just in case the UiPath extension does not work properly

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