Unable to find particular text in remote desktop app automation

Hi All,Am downloading citrix app and launching that app after launching am trying to automate but the ui element is considering that is a remote desktop app. Am trying to apply dynamic selector for clicking particular text but in click selector its not accepting any other value except windows name kindly give me a solution for this .I have to work on more application like this.

try to use click image or computer vision ai activities click.

But not working can you explain how to handle remote desktop automation? I have enable the extension but the thing whatever activity am using in selector window i couldn’t find any names or ID except window name.

Try once with Native recording option with click and see the selector once

and if you want to do automation in remote or ctrix use computer vision AI activities

Before checking individually i gone through with recording there also am not finding selectors.
where we can get computer vision AI activities?

Check in package manager for the computer vision ai activists

after installing can we use normal click activity?

Am using uipath community edition is that package work on this?

yes it will work and use Ai click activity

I can see only thes activities

This is the error getting while indicate on screen,Its asking API key URL ,i have provided all those details but not working.

No need to pass url apikey is enough and apikey is avaible in orch

you will see like this in that use cv click

cv click and all you need to place inside the cv screen scope

I have to take Orch url or what?

But am getting error like response from server is Error and while inserting activities inside CV scree scope getting error

Kindly help me out in this.

Hi @DivyaT

From here you need to take the api key

Hi everyone,kindly do the needful ,please update on this