Error when trying to automate Citrix Client from Customer - Cannot automate Remote app: UIPathRemoteRuntile.exe is not runn in remote session

Our customer has a portal that is a remote citrix client and we cannot have the runtime installed on their citrix server. when I try to automate anything I get the following error:

Cannot automate remote app: UiPathRemoteRuntime.exe is not running in the remote session. Any ideas on how I would do this?


hey Lou, any update on this? I am facing the same issue with the new version of UiPath.

Hi @Lou_Hallacy @benjas11

In this case, you should uninstall the Citrix extension and use standard image automation or our Computer Vision activity pack.

I’m using community edition of UI Path and install the citrix extension and then the UIPath Studio prompted me to install UIPath Remote Runtime on my remote desktop. Therefore, i download request and install the UiPath Remote runtime on my remote desktop. But I encountered this error.

Please advise!

I need to update my UIPath Studio ???

Hi @alex_toh

You will need to install the UiAutomatiom package that matches the runtime installer. If you are on stable releases, then go for the most up to date version of the package first and try downgrading it until you find a working one.

Hi Maciej:

Thanks ! I managed to resolve the problem.

Best Regards


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@ alex_toh What is the solution ???

Click on Manage Packages, then update the
UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities package.

I have the same issue and my UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities package is updated with the latest version. After I installed the Windows Remote Desktop Extension, I started to receive the error.

Please help. Thanks. Im using the community version.

It all okay now. I needed to install the UiPath Remote Runtime on the remote machine which I can’t due to restrictions. So, I uninstall the plugin instead.

Hi Loginerror,

Why would the response be “Well use something else then”

Citrix Automation is a core feature component of you application, time is spent on it in training etc. Surely if you sell features, such as Citrix Automation, you should ensure it works, or, remove the feature and stop marketing it.

Why is there no attempt to understand why it is not working, and why is there no attempt to fix it?

We are busy with an evaluation and I have had two scenarios in the last two days where the answer was simply “Use something else then” No, I saw marketing material that indicated I can do X, Y and Z with your software. I want to be be able to use X, Y and Z. (Alternatively, procure another product)


Hi @HanSoL0W

I suppose I was referring to the original question at the time, mainly this bit of it:

cannot have the runtime installed on their citrix server
I assumed that the user does not have access to properly install the UiPathRemoteRuntime.

For the installation steps, see here:

I suppose the original user did not have access to the sever:

Setting up the Server

  1. Download the UiPathRemoteRuntime.msi installer. You can request it from here. The download link for the UiPath Remote Runtime is then sent to you via email. Please note that you can also install the UiPath Remote Runtime component through the UiPathPlatformInstaller.exe setup file.
  2. Install UiPathRemoteRuntime.msi on the Citrix application servers that you wish to automate.

More details about the UiPath Remote Runtime can be found here.

Once installation finishes, you’re good to go on the server side.

Can you please send me the file UiPathRemoteRuntime.msi ? my current version of UiPath.UIAutomation.Activites v.19.10.1 -Email

Hi @somashekar_l_shekar

You can get it now for the platform Resource page :slight_smile:

I unistall citrix receiver in my machine and I re-install it , in this moment it work currently

You can try it

How did you uninstall the plugin please ?

Hi I have the same similar problem ,Iam also getting same error message Uipath remote runtime,exe is not running in remote session, Can u please help on this.

Did you read the rest of this post? You don’t have the UiPath software installed on your Citrix server.

no its not possible to install on citrix server due to restrictions

Did you read the rest of this post? That issue was addressed.