Chrome Issue : Open Browser: Cannot communicate with the browser, please check the UiPath extension

Right after the development browser works fine for 1/2 executions.

  1. it is observed that, if user is using the chrome browser on the personal working profile/laptop, he will not be able to use chrome in unattended robot (ie using his same login credentials)
  2. Even if IE is opened on same machine, chrome extension doesn’t works.
  3. Uipath extension is getting crashed on every execution. and gives below error.

Open Browser: Cannot communicate with the browser, please check the UiPath extension.

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Hi @asif.shikalgar,
Unattended automation will work on the same user account where user is logged in unless this is domain computer where you can define separate account for the same machine.

In same domain, one machine is User’s Laptop and Other machine is VM that works as a Robot with using same domain user account on both machines.

Hi @asif.shikalgar,

I have had this issue before. So this is an issue with Google Chrome browser and the way Chrome gives the last closed user session more priority!

Chrome remembers the user profile who last closed the browser. So if it was a non-robot user profile which accessed Chrome and closed chrome, when the robot runs the process, it opens chrome and is greeted with the wrong profile, which may or may not have an UiPath Extension.

I know it’s very annoying when debugging.

A solution could be to make a small workflow to check which user profile is active. If a wrong profile is active, change to robot profile first and then start the process (You can use the recorder activity to do this since browser extension will be unavailable). Hope this helps!

That’s true. It might be solve using method I’ve described here:

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I think I have this issue too Jeevith. I’m not signed on however to a google account. When I run my process unattended, I expect my first invoked workflow file from the main to just open browser and login. This has been successful and it passes the browser variable as an argument to the Main.

The 2nd invoked process which does more actions within the browser variable is not working. oddly the chrome selector application is partially valid, however my selectors are different. The Exception screenshot takes a photo of an empty desktop background without chrome visible. If i try to debug and chane my selector to one of the suggested selectors in the error message, it’s not valid.

Really hard to debug because all I see in my exception screen is a blank screen, and the action before that was the first invoked workflow which works and I’m able to have snapshot proof the browser logged in successfully…

So strange too that it works in attended (when I’m rdped in). I have toggled between the login to console and freerdp sessions, and even added activate actions to the window and browser variables, but exception screenshots keep showing up as if chrome was never opened.


Are you able to somehow record it? I could reach out to the proper team and investigate it more?

I’m not sure how I can send you the video unless its ran in attended. I have an existing support ticket about this request.

So you are on the enterprise license right? I think you should follow with our Technical Support then.