Unattended Bot - Can't Communicate with Browser - Check Extension

Good Morning,

We have installed an Unattended Robot onto a Client’s Orchestrator.
When testing the bot we have been met with the following error:
BrowserOperationException: Cannot communicate with the browser, please check the UiPath extension.

There is no Studio installed on the Virtual Machine as it is just the Unattended License.

We installed the UiPath Web Automation Chrome Extension and it is on the latest version - V 9.0.6824.
The VM is also using the latest version of Google Chrome.

We can not install Studio on the machine due to the licensing setup.

We installed the Chrome Extension from the following link:

The VM has been restarted since installing the extension and has been uninstalled and re-installed.

The Automation has been run in three separate and different environments so we know it’s not an issue with elements.

Please note - we are required to use Google Chrome for this project and no other browsers due to the Web Page requirements.

Any advice would be great


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Have you tried IE?

No - please read my question. I specify that the project requirements are for Google Chrome only and no other browsers.

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  1. Go to manage extention

  2. Check if it is enabled…Enable it if it’s not


Hi @Pravin_Patil1 - yes it is enabled.

  1. Try to re-install it and do restart the server once.
  2. If still does not work then will go to the deep check.

@Pravin_Patil1 - as advised in my original post this has already been reinstalled several times and the server restarted each time.
What do you mean by ‘deep check’?


Did you enable all settings mentioned in the doc?

If yes and still running into an issue then follow the below settings.

rpageek.com is available for purchase - Sedo.com.

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Hello @Craig_Bannerman ,

At what step you receive this error? It appearing when the browser should be started or for a specific activity that you’re doing in the browser?


Hello Craig,

In the root of the folder the robot is in you should find a setup extensions exe.

Navigate to thisvia cmd and run it with SetupExtensions.exe /chrome,
make sure your chrome tabs are closed.
Try a rerun and it will be picking up the chrome page correctly.

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Thanks @peter.mccartney ! That did the trick! Thanks

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