Google Chrome v 92 - Can not communicate withthe browser error

Hello UiPath Community, I notice significant increase in “Cannot communicate with the browser, please check the UiPath extension” in my production environment.

I notice the spike from 20th July and it’s coinciding with the same day when Google Chrome V 92 was released.

Does anyone else also encounter/observe similar issue?

Thanks in advance.

Just to confirm, this issue is intermittent.


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Is there any way we can do with or try with another browser

Cheers @Manish_Gupta1

Thanks for your swift response @Palaniyappan.

I just like to know if this is a wider issue (and faced by other users as well) or something wrong with our environment?

Buddy, Me too faced same issue recently,

I just applied this below method on initialing applications. After that works fine till now.
Just try hope will be useful

Entire Article,
Extension for Chrome

Hi @Bala_Ashokan, thanks for taking out your time and respond. There is no UiPath studio available on my production robot machine, so can’t execute it directly, but I’ll explore the option to put SetupExtesions.exe on network drive and execute during process initialization.

Its “least privileges to robot account policy” where we need to justify the reason for access.

Thanks again for suggesting a work around.