Chrome Extension issue with uipath

I’m receiving this below error for chrome browser
| Cannot communicate with the browser, please check the UiPath extension."
I have reinstalled the extension and restarted the browser multiple times but issue didn’t solve
sometimes it communicates properly with chrome and sometimes it throws the above error .
can someone please help me with it

Hi @Krutika_Kotkar

Can you check the below post might help you,


Try this…

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Hi, go to the UiPath uninstall chrome extension and reinstall it.
and in UiPath orchestrator enable developer mode.


Go through these once and try these

  1. Check Chrome Version: Ensure that your Chrome browser is up to date. Sometimes, compatibility issues can arise with outdated browser versions. You can update Chrome by going to “Settings” > “About Chrome.”
  2. Reinstall Chrome Extension: As you mentioned, you’ve already reinstalled the extension. To make sure it’s properly installed, go to chrome://extensions/ in the Chrome address bar, find the UiPath extension, and confirm that it’s enabled.
  3. Enable Native Messaging: In some cases, you may need to enable Native Messaging for UiPath in Chrome. Here’s how:
  • Open Chrome.
  • Type chrome://flags/ in the address bar.
  • Search for “Native Messaging” and enable it.
  • Restart Chrome.