My uipath chrome extension is broken

so i broken my chrome extension :frowning:
already reinstall my uipath and download the extension again from the reinstalled studio but can’t fix it.


Try to install uipath.web.automation extension


just uninstall your current uipath extenstion and try again install with the studio

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already tried several times until i want to vomit, not fixed XD

and regarding to the link, i already check all of those 1 by 1, all same with the link reference. But i still have the issue.

so this is because i got new laptop, and my chrome in new laptop sync with my chrome in old laptop… but my chrome in new laptop not sync the uipath extension in my old laptop.

so i decided to download the uipath extension in my new laptop by using studio, but it make my chrome in my old laptop have 2 uipath extension.

in short, i decided to remove all uipath extension in my old & new laptop’s chrome and reinstall uipath again in my old laptop → then install the uipath extension in my old laptop by using the studio.

and i checking my chrome in my new laptop → it sync from my old laptop → so have uipath extension as well in my new laptop.

then i start to run from both laptop (all uipath extension in both laptop finally broken including my old laptop that run normally before i remove all the uipath extension).


Go to this thread.

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hi the link is not solution for me, because i already tried it several times.

but i got the solution by my self.
uninstall the chrome version 73, and install the version 72 and it will works.

but my google auto update is error, so can’t update to version 73 automatically. Then i try to install the version 73 while my version 72 still installed → the result is my chrome is successful update to version 73 but it will make the uipath extension broken again. So i uninstall and install the version 72 again.

i hope UiPath updating their chrome extension, instead of told people to do several checks or etc. Their chrome extension is not support for chrome 73


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