Uipath Extension issue --- Help

Hi everyone, i have installed community version uipath on my device and installed extensions too.
The steps i followed to download extension:
i) installed from uipath
ii) Then activated from Google chrome

but still it is not working as showing error as : Cannot communicate to the browser.

Please help.
The troubleshooting what i did:
i) Reinstalled Uipath
ii) Reinstalled Chrome
iii) Reinstalled Extension by uninstalling many times.

please help

Hi @Anjali_Rani

Please check in the Extentions page of chrome if it has UiPath Automation extentions available.


yes it is.

Hello @Anjali_Rani

Are you facing this issue for all the web pages? If yes, can you plz try to restart your machine and try once…

Please reinstall the Chrome Extension and try restarting your system.


Hi Guyz, Thanks all for your response.
My issue is resolved,
the thing that worked for me :- I insatalled Uipath extension from Chrome Web store as:

and deleted the one which i was installed earlier from Uipath Tool section and it started working.

Happy Automation!! :slight_smile:

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