Workaround to install Chrome extension on Chrome 73

Will this affect enterprise version : 2018.4.4 of uipath

Hi @MariaJosephina

Unfortunately yes, but only for new installations. However, we’ve already released the patch 2018.4.5 which fixes the issue.

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Hi Catalin

Here is an error I receive from the uipath extension

Not sure if it helps?

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Hi @JayEff

Could you add your version of Chrome (from Chrome about page) and the currently installed UiPath extension version?

Hi guys, is it possible to use chromedriver instead standart browser to ensure the realiability?

Version 73.0.3683.86 (Official Build) (64-bit)

For Chrome


For UiPath

Hi @JayEff

Could you check this registry key and provide it’s values:

Something must be going wrong at the 1. step of the guide (installation from Studio).

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Has anyone gotten this working? I have the same issue in 2019.4 beta. I need Chrome support for a POC for my company.


Inspect highlights entire Chrome control rather than elements.


  • Chrome: 73.0.3683.103
  • UiPath Community Edition: 2019.4.2
  • UiPath Chrome Extension: 9.0.6821
  • Windows: 10.0.17134 Build 17134

Steps To Reproduce

  • Create a Find Element activity.
  • Click the ellipsis for its Selector property.
  • Click Indicate Element.
  • Mouse over a Chrome window.
  • The entire browser control is highlighted.
  • Click.
  • UiPath shows the error that the Chrome extension is installed but not enabled.


  • Chrome extension installation from UiPath
    • Installed Chrome extension from UiPath backstage per instructions in this thread
    • Enabled extension
    • Enabled all extension access:
    • Rebooted computer
  • Chrome extension installation from Chrome Web Store
    • Same as above but reinstalled extension from Chrome Web Store
  • UiPath beta
    • Switched to beta per instructions in this thread
    • Confirmed download had finished and version had updated
    • Rebooted machine
    • Installed, enabled Chrome extension per above

Please use the below Link


Please use the below Link

Hi Sunil,

I tried installing from the Chrome Web Store but to no avail—see the “Troubleshooting” section in my first comment.

To summarize “Troubleshooting,” here are the methods I tried to get this working based on the advice in this thread:

  1. Install the Chrome extension from UiPath
  2. Install the Chrome extension from Chrome Web Store
  3. Switch to UiPath beta, then install the Chrome extension

I rebooted frequently throughout, but nothing has worked so far.

Hi @loginerror,

This isn’t working for me with the latest beta. See my last two posts in this thread.

Is there anything else I can try?



Any update for Community Edition? We’re building POCs in Community Edition over a longer time frame than the trial. I’ve switched to Firefox for now.

Hi @eeskildsen

The latest 2019.4.2 Community Edition doesn’t have this issue anymore. Could you first re-download the installer for that version and give it a full reinstall? Also, because the workaround was for previous version, you might want to have a look at the general topic for troubleshooting Chrome issues:

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Here’s what I get after reinstalling:

followed all steps, not working for me

Followed all the steps for studio 2018.4.5 and chrome 78 , Its working sometimes and sometimes its not. Could someone help me here.

I have followed the above procedure even though Iam getting the same error its showing to enable the chrome browser extension even though i have installed and enabled it & done reboot also its throwing the same error multiple times, Help me out to resolve the issue

There are some applications which are hungry for Focus and this focus was creating issues for us.
Whenever we were trying to browse an URL using Open browser activity, it was working fine for sometimes but for some of the times the connectivity between chrome and UiPath chrome extension was getting disconnected ( as some other application was getting the focus).

Hence we implemented the below points:

  1. Closing takes longer time - Verify the chrome and native host processes are closed before the Open Browser, or add delays after the Kill.
  2. Opening and generating the Window takes longer than expected - Use FindElement to make sure the window exists before executing functions targeting it
  3. Losing focus to other applications - Add a Send Hotkey Win+D before the open browser to ensure other focus greedy apps are minimized.

This extension method didnt work for me. Its showing below error