Chrome Extension Install Issues on VM with just UiRobot

I am running into an issue installing the Chrome extension on a virtual machine that just has UiRobot installed. Since Studio is not installed, I attempt to install the Chrome extension through the command prompt using the SetupExtensions.exe. Basically I CD into the folder containing the .exe and execute the command SetupExtensions.exe/chrome. This part works and brings me to the UiPath extension page in Chrome. When I click add to Chrome, I run into an issue where it doesn’t install the extension and gives me the error “COULD_NOT_GET_TEMP_DIRECTORY”. Has anyone else ran into this issue and know of any fixes?

Make Sure Dot Net version in that VM is 4.6 or above .

Thanks @prassin6 for your response. I was able to solve the problem, basically I added pointers to TEMP folders in the target in the properties for Chrome (“–user-data-dir=C:\TEMP” “–disk-cache-dir=C:\TEMP2”). Then I copied the extension contents from that TEMP folder to the location in AppData where Chrome was looking for extension data. That basically manually installed the UiPath extension and solved the issue. Appreciate your response nonetheless!

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Thank you @cvent978 for sharing this information.

This information would indeed help other people who face issues with Chrome Extensions .

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Can you please explain more on how you fix this?


Sure @Daemo

What I did on the virtual machine was create 2 TEMP folders on the C:\ drive. Then I right clicked on the Chrome icon and went to Properties. In the Chrome Properties window I clicked on the tab “Shortcut” and inside that tab there is an input field with the label “Target” which points to the Chrome.exe. I then added pointers to the TEMP directories I just created after the Target so my new target looked like…
“C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” “–user-data-dir=C:\TEMP” “–disk-cache-dir=C:\TEMP2” I was then able to install the UiPath Chrome extension use the CMD prompt as directed in this URL (Installing the Chrome Extension) using the “From the Command Prompt” instructions. Then I reverted the Target in the Chrome properties back to it’s original and inside the Chrome browser navigated to “chrome://version/” which brings up a page with all the information about the Chrome installation. I got the Profile Path from the web page and navigated there in Windows Explorer and basically copied the items from my TEMP folder to that path. Then when I restarted Chrome the UiPath extension was successfully installed.

Looking back, I am thinking rather than having those pointers in the Target field point to the TEMP folders I created, I could probably just have pointed them to the path listed on the chrome://version page under Profile Path. Either way, this solved my problem can now have the bots on my VMs use the Chrome browser successfully. Hope that information helps!