Chrome extension not working

Hi everyone,

The chrome extension suddenly stopped working on my laptop. I have community edition installed. I did all the troubleshooting there is on forums but nothing has helped.

i have tried reinstalling both chrome and uipath multiple times but none of them worked. Then i went for this link:

As i checked ChromeNativeMessaging is not running but reinstalling chrome extension multiple times and restarting the device did not work either. The extension is active(it shows in blue color when active on a webpage and colorless when not active) but whenever i try to find an element is says extension is not installed.

I have also checked in registry, the manifest.json file has all the things as described in troubleshooting but it still wont work. But the name of manifest file was crx_manifest.json

Next i tried to install extension via cmd but there’s no directory for uipath in C drive but only uipath folder i could find was in C:\Users\sheel\AppData\Local\UiPath and it didn’t have any setupextensions.exe file

Is this a problem with installing UiPath? If it is, I downloaded community edition via the link provided in the email i received upon registration and also during installation, the setup didn’t ask for where to install it, It just kept showing the UiPath logo and then UiPath started and i was able to license it using the registered email.

Please help me with what can i do to make it start working again.

Thanks in advance.


I found the setupextensions.exe file in the above mentioned location and when i tried installing it using cmd it still didn’t work

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what version of chrome are you using? if you are using version 73 you should follow this

@VirajN i have tried all the methods listed in these posts but none of them are working.

try this

@VirajN I have tried this also but the extension still won’t work. :sweat_smile:

any inputs here @loginerror

Hi @sheel9540

Use this link for update the UiPath extension in your chrome (
Note: chrome version more than 72v, UiPath Extension will not work. use the above link to update the extension.


Hmmm… interesting to hear none of them actually worked. Please let know if you get a solution for this

with the help that link i have tried and its working.


This is the workaround:


@kommijeevan & @ovi

I have already tried these methods but they aren’t working.

It’s still showing this

this reply might be very late and I am hoping you have solved your issue by now.

if not, can you please help me with the following questions?

what is the activity that you are trying to perform on chrome?
does this process / activity need to be performed exclusively on chrome?
can you use IE to perform this activity?

@VirajN the extension is still not working.
I have exhausted all the possible methods to make it work but none of them was successful.
And this query was in general and not because of some particular activity.
Currently i’m using firefox as the default browser until i get some sureshot solution. As of now the extension is not working.

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You should also try using internet explorer. it works much better with UiPath than others.

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Chrome is not as stablity as IE, you can try IE, it’s friendly. :smiley:


@VirajN @Harvey
Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll start working on IE. :slight_smile:

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let us know if it works out for you … if not we will need to find another solution for you :slight_smile:

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@VirajN It’s working absolutely fine on IE and firefox. The issue was that i was in the middle of a project and suddenly the chrome extension failed. Now since i could not find a way to fix it, i had to move the entire project dependencies from chrome to firefox.

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this is awesome news. my mentor made me switch from chrome to IE as it is more stable with UiPath.

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Hi everyone,

The Chrome extension is now working fine. The way it worked for me was that i removed the extension from chrome first then added it via uipath then went to chrome app store and then installed it. The order was important because installing from chrome web store first or only from there didn’t work.

The steps can be found here: