Chrome elements all wrong

I have a problem with Google Chrome. UiPath recognizes elements in a very strange way. Like this for example:

They all are in a “wrong place” if you know what im saying. I don’t have this problem on my regular PC (which is Windows 10) but on this other one it is (Windows 7). Both are running the newest version of Chrome. Operating system is the only difference I can think of. Other apps including Firefox seems to be working good. Any ideas what could be the reason? I have installed the Chrome extension.

Did you get a chance to enable chrome extension? if not please enable from here.
also check SETUP → Setup Extensions → chrome.
Hope this will help you

There have been issues with the Chrome extension. One thing you can try if it’s already installed is to go to chrome://extensions/ disable the UiPath extension, restart Chrome, then enable it again.

Thanks guys! It still does the same though…

Un install and re install your chrome browser. also please make sure you have local admin rights on your PC

I tried this too, still does the same. Thanks anyway!

I had a same problem with Google Chrome.
I solved it by this answer.

Hope this will help you.

I am facing similar issue with google chrome. I am getting uielements on one window but uipath is not able to recognise the selectors on another window.
The robot was running on IE before but due to performance we are switching it on chrome.

Is this a certification issue.
But i am getting on different page, having similar url-image

Please help.

What version of UiPath you are using ? 18.2.4 or 18.3 ?

version is 18.2.4

please check out your Dot.Net version must be minimum 4.5v. if not… please update your Dot.Net SDK and you will be good.

When indicating an element, hit F4 to switch the UI Framework. The default one usually has trouble with Chrome, but in my experience the other two work as a charm.

Hi Evangemert,

I tried what you suggested but no success. Can you please elaborate or send me some screenshots. It would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

Hi rkelchuri - .net version is 4.5.2.

What is your chrome version ?
Version 69.0.3497.100 (Official Build) (64-bit) ? can you please check… if not can you upgrade your chrome or un install and re install…

also please un install your chrome add-in and re install and check…

Hi Rkelchuri -

chrome version is same-

And i already repeat the uninstall and reinstall add-in process approx 5-6 times but no luck.
Also this bot is working in unattended mode so i cannot rely on images. :frowning:

I Suspect your google chrome got mess up because of multiple installation and un installation.
However, give a try same script in different machine and it may work.

same behaviour in another machine.

@loginerror Could you please help @NitikaTyagi

Please help on high priority :frowning:

Hi @NitikaTyagi

Could you specify what the issue is? The issue from the original post seems like an issue with Windows scaling. This is normally solved by a log-out/log-in from your account (or a computer restart).