Unable to select element in chrome

URL : WWW.amway.in

I have uninstalled and installed the chrome
removed the extensions and installed again no use
Please help me


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Kindly restart once the browser and try again
It looks like the extension is installed
So better go with these steps like

-Remove the Uipath extension from chrome browser.
-Reinstall the Uipath extension in chrome.
-Restart the chrome browser or even the Bot machine as sometimes closing and restarting chrome is not taking the extension

Pls try this and let know for any queries or clarification

Cheers @BalaManikanta_007

Still I am unable to select any element in chrome

Hi @BalaManikanta_007

Try these steps, if not please check the link attached.

Remove the UiPath extension from chrome browser.
Reinstall the UiPath extension in chrome.
Restart the Bot machine.
This will work.


I have done the above all the steps. Still i am unable to select the element. Do you know any other approach??

I am experiencing this problem too. I have removed and replaced the Chrome extension, restarting the entire computer at each step along the way with no luck. This is my robot machine that has been running for many months with no problem, but now is having trouble finding selectors on the screen.

It’s very frustrating because everything is working fine on my Dev machine, it’s just my robot machine that seems to be affected. Even more frustrating, I didn’t change anything on my robot machine. It just stopped working.

The issue is in both Chrome and Edge. Firefox still working fine. Problem is I’ve done 90% of my development in Chrome.