"Checking project for validation errors..." takes very long time

I am complete newbie and need some advice. Using Studio 2021.4.0 Community License.

Every time I run or debug my robot, the validation takes at least 5 minutes. Is this normal or can I skip this validation step somehow.
Changing the UiPath Design settings do not help :frowning:

Thank you.

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Are you talking about to start run / debug it is taking 5 minutes?

If so check you have good amount of RAM

Also try to clear the temp folder by typing %temp% from Run

Hope this may help you



Thanks, clearing temp folder helped a lot.

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I know this was supposed to be fixed in 2022.4.4, according to Checking Project for validation errors gets stuck - #42 by MikeStrike

But I am still facing issue with long loading time on “Checking project for validation errors”. Can take up to 5 minutes to start debugging (and even regular Run) from Main.

I’m sitting on UiPath Studio 2022.10.3. Anyone else still also facing the same issue?



I’m also now experiencing this issue, since upgrade to Studio 2022.10. Looking at machine resource usage, UiPath is taking a huge amount of memory, between 8-9 GB RAM on a virtual server with 12GB allocated.

@UIPath please take a look at this, thanks.

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I’m experiencing the same problem. Studio’s memory usage reaches around 10GB and validation takes either 15+ minutes or crashes with an out of memory error.
This is with roughly 15 workflows.

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@UiPath - please can this be addressed urgently as materially impacting delivery plans and costs.

I’m also finding that once the robot starts to execute (after compilation) and after the bot has ended, UiPath is very slow to release the memory it has taken.

It takes about 1 minute or more for memory utilization to drop to normal.

Also, should qualify that this usually happens when running the project for the first time, as Studio, I assume, has no way of knowing whether any of the workflows in the project, activities etc. have changed since last validated, so validates the whole project.

If make a change to a workflow in the project after that, only the changed workflow is re-validated.

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Please fix the “Checking project for validation errors”. The User Experience suffers a lot.

I’m also experiencing the same thing. After upgrading to version 2022.10.4, validating the project consumes all my machine’s memory (24gb), takes forever, then eventually errors out with ‘insufficient memory’. This same project worked fine in older studio versions.