Validation Check is taking too long

Hi Folks,

I have built an automation project in REFramework but whenever I try to DEBUG it, the Validation Check is taking too long to execute. It is taking around 10 mins to process.
Version using: 2022.12.0 Community License

The amount of memory getting used is also insane.


Please help if anyone has any workaround for this.

Please try deselecting the following options:

Hi @Tuannna1 I have not selected any mentioned options.

Hi @Md_Asfaque ,

What is the validation check you are doing in studio. Could you please share more details on the validation part. thanks


It’s the validation it does automatically when you click Debug.

Close all your UiPath Studio windows to clear the memory usage.

If you’re working on a project that’s saved to a network share, then this can cause Studio to be slow. It is very “chatty” where disk read/writes are concerned.

oh ok. is he talking about work flow analyzer. similar issue i have faced and raised to UiPath already.

hi @kirankumar.mahanthi1, it’s the normal process which i have built in Studio. When I try to Debug/Run it, it takes too much time to complete the Validation Process.
My process includes around 30 xaml files. I have Validated each file, and all got validated quickly. But when validating the whole “Main.xaml” it is taking time.

@postwick My project is saved on Local. So, this is not the cause.

Thanks for your feedback. We are working on this and we have a fix prepared for the upcoming 23.4 preview build.