Studio Project Validation Operations Take So Long

Hello :slight_smile:

I am migrating my ‘windows-legacy’ projects to ‘windows’ these days.
But I realized something is weird and I want to ask if this is normal.

  • Project validation operations take so long after run or validate project first time.
    (approximately 2-3 minutes.)

  • When ı check windows task manager, running two UiPath.Studio.Project.exe even though I opened just 1 project. (Same thing is happening for UiPath.Executor.exe when run the project.)

  • UiPath.Studio.Project.exe consumes almost 500 MB ram memory as default but it increases over of 20.000 MB while project is checking for validation errors. Maybe that’s why it takes so long.

I’am using UiPath 2022.12.0 Community Version.
The project has 55 xaml files and 11 dependecies.
I didn’t have the this problem when I use older version of UiPath Studio or I am working with ‘windows-legacy’ version of project. (I am not sure which changes effect me.)

So, Is this normal or can I fix this?

Please let me know.
Thank you all.


Currently with windows yes all of what you saw or observed are true… we have to wait for ui path to come up with some fixes

And coming to the ram…currently its recommended to use 16gb ram for better performance…

But whatever you observed stands true as of now

Hope this helps


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Hello, thank you for your answer.

Actually we are using Windows Server 2012 with 32 GB ,8 CPU hardware configuration and I guess, It would be enough.

Its ironically nice to hear that I’m not the only one who faced that issues :slight_smile: I hope these issues will be solved soon.

Best Wishes.

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