Taking lot of time for "Checking project for validation errors"

Hi Team,

Currently I am using the Community studio version 2023.4.4. In this when I run the normal process which contains a single sequence it is taking a lot of time for “Checking project for validation errors”.

I have cleared the system Temp and restarted multiple times and even I have seen the following thread too

Still the issue is coming. It is taking nearly 10mins for checking Project for validation errors.

Please suggest any other solution which works faster

Thanks in Advance

HI @Santhi7698

it depends up on the RAM size and Activities which are used in the xaml.

Hi @Praveen_Mudhiraj,

Thanks for your reply.

In my workflow i am using only simple activities like assign, Excel Scope just the normal activities with multiple if conditions.

The RAM size is 16GB.


are facing the issue in VDI or Local machine ?



Local server

Open task manager and kill the studio and run it again …

Done multiple times, cleared the %temp% and restarted the studio. Still issue not resolved.

No need for manual intervention over Studio folders. Just upgrade to 23.10 and you will see much faster validation.