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I had tried to connect the chatbot to orchestrator. In the service page able to access and get the other details like User key and all. Once update all the details i had tried to submit the connect button. But connect button is not available in below screen. Kindly advise how can i fix this.

Hy, @BaskaranVenkatesan

Please check this website
You are in the wrong place for the setting up the connection.

Please check this post:



Hi William,

Thanks for your prompt response. Still Facing same issue on Chrome Browser. Hence i had tried the different browser, now i can able to connect DialogFlow and UI Path Orchestrator.

I had Created the simple project for Bus Ticket booking. When i tried to connect the process to Orchestrator Job status is pending for long time. Please find the below screen shot for your ref.

Also when i check the ChatBot its look like as below.

Kindly advise how can i Fix this.

Hy @BaskaranVenkatesan,

Did you do the set up accordinly?

Also make sure you have an unatended robot set up on your orchestator. It looks like you are very close.


Hi William,

Again thanks for your prompt response. Yes i did the setup correctly on

Regards unattended Bot, I’m able to add only Attend/studio robots to Orchestrator. When i i tried to add the Unattended Robot unable to connect it.

Hy @BaskaranVenkatesan, you are almost there!

To add the unattended robot you must first disable the attended robot connected to your machine, I did this to mine and it worked!

Please let me me know if it worked for you.


Hi William_Blech_Sister,

I had removed attended/Studio Robot From my Orchestrator and tried the same. But again getting same issue like as earlier" Job Allocation is pending".

Hy @BaskaranVenkatesan,

Could yo add me on linkedin so me can talk? My name is easy to find.

You are almos there!

Hi William_Blech_Sister,

I have sent the request to you. Kindly accept it. Thank you!:slight_smile:

Hy @BaskaranVenkatesan,

Done!! Look foward talking to you :slight_smile:

Hy @BaskaranVenkatesan,

Find attach a model I used for chatbot in Uipath + Dialogflow (5.4 KB) (215.5 KB)

Have a look, any questions please let me know

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