Change Queue Item status from "New" to anything else

I have 4 orphaned items in a queue whose status is “New”. I want to get those out of the queue by changing the status to Removed or abandoned or anything else.

I am trying to use “Get Transaction Item” but am getting the error message “Get transaction item: An error has occurred: Error code 0”.

What does this mean.

Hi @Bryan_Schmiedeler,

Is your UiPath Studio connected to Orchestrator? If so, is there a queue in Orchestrator with the same name entered in the Get Transaction Item activity?

Kindly share how you set Get Transaction Item’s properties.

About Queue item statuses…

A Queue item can have one of the following statuses:

New - the item has just been added to the queue with the Add Queue Item activity, or the item was postponed, or a deadline was added to it, or the item was added after an attempt and failure of a previous queue item with auto-retry enabled.

In Progress - the item was processed with the Get Transaction Item or the Add Transaction Item activity; when an item has this status, your custom progress status is also displayed, in the Progress column;

Failed - the item did not meet a business or application requirement within the project and was therefore sent to a Set Transaction Status activity, which changed its status to Failed;

Successful - the item was processed and sent to a Set Transaction Status activity, which changed its status to Successful;

Abandoned - the item remained in the In Progress status for a long period of time (approx. 24 hours) without being processed;

Retried - the item failed with an application exception and was retried. After the Robot finishes retrying the item, the status changes to Failed or Successful, according to your workflow.

Deleted - the item has been manually selected from the Transactions page and marked as deleted; an item with this status can no longer be processed.


If you want to delete those 4 orphaned items, do it manually through Orchestrator.

But, if it is something that will happen frequently, then it is not feasible to do it manually every time. Is this the scenario or were these 4 items a test or something like that?

Hi @Bryan_Schmiedeler to delete the queue items without doing it manually

You can take the help of orchestrator API call to delete the queue items

Source :. How can I use Orchestrator web api to delete a queue item

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