How to change transaction item status ” inProgress ” to “Retried”

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Is there any possible way to change the queue item status " inProgress" to “Retried”?
I want to change the status of an item to treat the last one

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The status is limited to a set of choices and cannot be set to Retried.

Hi @Aissaoui_Taha - “In Progress” transaction Items can not be edited.

Hi @Aissaoui_Taha,

you cannot edit the status of the item through orchestrator.

Here is what I did:
Since I have a lot of test cases for debugging that set transaction items to status in progress, I created a workflow that retrieves all queue items from a certain queue in status “in Progress” and set the status of all to “failed”

Thus resetting all my testdata.


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I liked your ides, But how did you read only the transaction which are in “in-progress” from the queue ?
Could you please give details on that?


Hi @chiranth_hn,
I used a “get queue items” activity (, chose only item in status “in Progress”, iterated through the resulting iEnumarable with a “for each” and inside the for each I used a “set transaction status” to set them to “failed”.

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