Error code: 0


What does Error code: 0 mean?

I have job in the orchestrator that have a robot process setup to pickup jobs that are sent to the queue. The process is mainly like follows:

Once items are found in the queue it triggers to start a job based on the q_task defined in the transaction item.

I have a delay of 1 min if the process finds that there is no new transactions as otherwise the log in the orchestrator gets filled up with ‘No Transaction Data’ messages, like…

The problem that I’m having is that time to time I get the following error

System.Activities: An error has occurred. Error code: 0

I thought initially that it was caused due to the amount of ‘No Transaction Data’ messages, this is why i delayed to 1min, but it seems to still happening.

I have the process in a try catch so that if it this error happens the process restarts, but I don’t know what causes the error to appear. This seems to happen randomly. The robot is running all day and continuously checking if there are new jobs in the queue.

I did a print screen of the desktop for when the error occurs and the only thing I found is that the uipath icon in the taskbar appears in red


Is there a way to check what the red means? The logs don’t give me much:

07:32:48.0025 Fatal {"message":"Robot R has restarted","level":"Fatal","logType":"User","timeStamp":"2018-09-14T07:32:48.0025088+01:00","fingerprint":"050ff997-bc39-46f8-84fa-cea51943a946","windowsIdentity":"DSG\\dynarob","machineName":"CRA-UK-HD","processName":"Platform_R_1.0_Doosan","processVersion":"1.0.6829.17509","fileName":"Main","jobId":"1a982e17-0b8c-4c9c-b4eb-cf9c09448682","robotName":"DynaRob"}

Find attached XAML. Maybe I’m missing something in the process that causes this error. The process works except for this random error.
Main.xaml (71.8 KB)


Have you tried this


@prankurjoshi, I saw this posting, but I don’t see a solution really there and it refers at deleting transactions. I don’t have a delete transaction action in my process. Has someone found a solution?