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I created a simple app to get queue item and write into the textpad. However, my script got a problem and i can fix it. However, when i checked the status of the transactions in my queue, I found that all many of them are “In Progress”. I want to retry these transactions but the boxes are all disabled (i.e. I cannot mark them and click “Retry Items”,

Any advice?


Wait for them to appear as abandoned.

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Hi @Benny_Chan

Using the Get Transaction Data activity, you can only extract the transactions with the New status. However, using the Get Queue Items is capable of extracting all queue items at once. And in the properties of this item, you can select transactions of what status you want to extract from the queue. So, if you want to retry the items under “In Progress” set the property to extract items of status “In Progress”. You can then loop the results and do the processing for each item.

Hope it helps!!

Let know how it goes…

:sweat_smile: Thanks @c.ciprian

Thanks @Lahiru.Fernando for the information. I just reviewed the “Get Queue Items” activity and which output a IEnumerable and I can iterate to process the task. I got 2 questions:

  1. By using this approach, what activity should be used to update the Queue Item’s status?
  2. If I have multiple robots to handle the same Queue, what would be the result?

THanks Thanks.

A disaster. That’s the reason why only elements with status New are taken from the queue

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you can use the Set Transaction Status activity to update the status of the transaction item.

This is so NOT true. Queues make the life easier with multiple robots working on the same queue. This is the purpose of the queue.


Hi @c.ciprian

Thanks a lot for correcting me there… my mistake :frowning: I will remove that part from my comment otherwise people reading might get mislead…

Thanks again bro!! :smiley:

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Hi You can retrieve all the items in in_progress status and then postpone those items to now to make the status new again. I’ve added the sequence for this. Just write the queue_name argument and use it.InprogressToNewStatu.xaml (8.2 KB)