Button not clicking

Trying to click a button on SharePoint but UiPath fails to see it.

When remoted into the machine it works but when running it through orchestrator (not remoted into) it fails to find the button.

It finds everything else.


Check if the resolution is changing…

You cna set the resolution and set login to console to no in robot settings in orchestrator


HI @NathanPeake

  1. Enable simulate click on the click activity and try again to run

  2. As @Anil_G suggested change the resolution and run once

  3. This is the main one check your task mager and see Service.Host is in running state
    check based on the steps in this thread.
    Unattended but working only when the screen is open - #17 by Sudharsan_Ka



Try with the modern activities in that selector will take including anchor due to tis it will perform accurately