Unattended but working only when the screen is open

Hello Guys,

  • I am having 2 unattended robots in orchestrator
  • 2 robots for 2 different VM’s
  • Where one VM is doing the process as unattended and another VM is processing only if we logged in to that particular VM.

I don’t know where may be the error .Can anyone guide me on this ?

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Can you check the settings of the robots, and check the differences

Hope this may help you


Yeah done that both having same settings


You are running the same process right? Can you confirm that in the Orchestrator the robot is properly setup as Unattended?

Yes It is

Does the Robot account have proper remote access (RDP) permissions to the server?

Yes @postwick it has

Hi Sudharsan,

Still did not work?

Yes @seanrockvz13

Is it possible for you to share screen etc? will see if i can have a zoom meeting with you etc if you like.

@seanrockvz13 If you are available can we connect on Sunday(21.11.2021) at 19:00 IST?

Or suggest your free time on Sunday(IST)


Hi @Sudharsan_Ka sorry i missed this, are you available tomorrow at 19:00IST?


Hi @seanrockvz13 I will be available on Saturday (27/11/2021) at 19:00 IST

Are you available on that day ?


let us discuss this via PM @Sudharsan_Ka

Hi @Sudharsan_Ka, can we mark this a solved already? thanks for having the call with me last time.

I hope i was able to help.

Hi @seanrockvz13 and @Sudharsan_Ka ,

Could you pls update the resolution for the issue mentioned in this post so that would be very helpful for other forum members. Thanks.

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Thanks a lot @seanrockvz13 for explaining to me about many things. After checking the whole system setting again . I have come to know that the path is installed with the Robot type as User Mode in the non-working VM . After the reinstallation is done with the robot type as Service Mode the VM is working fine.


If anyone faces the same issue you need to check this first in task manager->Details


There should be a Service. host available in the running state for unattended and User.Host for attended. If you don’t find a Service host on your unattended licensed VM or local machine, Kindly reinstall with MSI installer and select Service mode as the Robot Installation type.

And @seanrockvz13 Thank you once again for spending your busy time for giving me some inputs.



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