Build your first automation - First Automation using Microsoft Office

Hi! I managed to complete the 1st automation with Microsoft Office but when i exported my excel to pdf, the pdf was split to 2 sheet. How can we format the exported version so that it saves as pdf nicely?

Lo he entendido y solo necesito práctica. Una pregunta: ¿con estas herramientas podemos automatizar cualquier tarea estructurada muy compleja?

I was trying to follow the exercise on the video and publish the project into UIPath Assistant, but seems like the assistant does not come with the StudioX community edition. Could you kindly advise where and how to get the assistant.

You should make demos up to date with the latest versions people are using. It makes it harder to follow with the variations in menu’s and options. Basically the automation will fail. Are you going to help with these types of issues and have a botnet actually answer live questions ?