My first experience with RPA

Hello this is my first experience developing with RPA.

I am very happy and hope to be able to advance quickly in my knowledge of it.

Any advice is welcome.

Best regards

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Hi @ortizv.franklin, welcome to the forum!

I recommend learning about RPA in the UiPath Academy!
You can also check out this thread (and the Forum guide for beginners) Welcome to our Forum! Please introduce yourself to our Community :)

Searching the forum for specific solutions or asking a question in the help section are good places to learn about RPA aswell.

Happy automating :wink:

Thanks Lukasziebold

I hope to move forward quickly and gain experience in using the tools.

Happy automating.


Hi everyone. My name is Orange Ibro, I currently work at Polaris Bank Nigeria.

I am looking forward to automating most of the repetitive and mundane activities at the work place.

Thank you.


Hi , If you need, i can help you in first designs in RPA projects.