Automation cloud showing unresponsive

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I frequently rcv an alert where the unattended robot is unresponsive, why is this error occur?



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Hi @ainaasyhda

To address this issue, you can consider the following steps:

  1. Check the network connectivity and ensure that the robot has proper access to the necessary servers and resources.
  2. Monitor system resources to ensure that the robot has sufficient CPU, memory, and disk space to execute its tasks.
  3. Update UiPath to the latest version, as newer versions often contain bug fixes and improvements.
  4. Review the robot’s permissions and access rights to ensure it has the necessary privileges to perform its tasks.
  5. Review the robot’s workflow to identify any potential logic issues or errors that might be causing it to become unresponsive.
  6. Verify the licensing status to ensure that the robot’s license is up to date and properly activated.

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Checkout these thread which had similar discussion and resolutions as well

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  1. Is the robot installed in service mode?
  2. Is there any restarts or maintainance happening?
  3. Is there any reimaging happening frequently ?


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Hope it’s clarified @ainaasyhda

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Hope it’s clarified
If yes would recommend to close this topic

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