All Robots show Unresponsive, but still execute jobs fine

Hello, I have robots on my orchestrator instance that show as unresponsive on the dashboard. All the robots in question are operating fine, executing their normal schedules, and don’t show up as a status of unresponsive anywhere but on the dashboard.

Has this happened to anyone? Or does anyone know of a fix?


Robots Panel:

kindly have a view on this thread

Cheers @zwils0


The post you provided was for an unresponsive bot. This is really just a display issue with orchestrator.

Since it is not causing a major issue and this is my production server, I would like to wait to see if the issue resolves itself or if there is a solution that doesn’t involve restarting my environment.

As you can see with the below screenshot, all robots are available its just the dashboard that’s behaving oddly:

After 24 hours the Orchestrator sent a Error message saying all robots where unresponsive. After that error message was sent, all robots returned to normal status without any user intervention or troubleshooting. Odd bug but everything appears to be fine now.

@zwils0 This happened to me few of the robots were working even after the Orchestartor was showing unresponsive, for us the Orchestrator License got expired and we fixed it by installing new Certificates in all the robots.

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