UiPath Robot Connected On VM & Showing As Unresponsive In Orchestrator

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We’ve set up multiple virtual machines and licensed them: -

The machine will show as connected in the Orchestrator although after 3-5 hours will show as unresponsive.

When returning to the Virtual Machine; the robot is still connected and allows me to run processes from the tray although we cannot run processes from the Orchestrator.

I’ve restarted the service which connects the bot to the Orchestrator again but it will go into an unresponsive.

Any suggestions, would be much appreciated.

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May I know what type BOT are you using in that machine ?

Is it going to Unresponsive at the time of running BOT ?

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What type of Bot are you Using? Attended or Studio Robot

Attended - works on the same workstation as a human user and is usually triggered by the user through their actions (user events). You cannot start processes from Orchestrator on this type of Robots, and they cannot run under a locked screen. They can be started only from the Robot tray or from the Command Prompt. Attended Robots should only run under human supervision.

Studio / StudioX - has the features of an Unattended Robot, but it should only be used to connect your Studio to Orchestrator for development purposes.


Hi @lakshman,

It’s an unattended robot; when we restart the service for example; the bot will connect in the Orchestrator and work perfectly for a number of hours where we can run/schedule processes.

Although after 3-5 hours; the bot shows as unresponsive in the Orchestrator and we cannot schedule any processes; even though the bot is still connected in the Virtual Machine.

I’m starting to think the issue may be regarding the heartbeat being sent to the Orchestrator is failing after a number of hours? Does this seem plausible? If so have you seen this issue arise before?

@Lahiru.Fernando @lakshman - Thank you for your time to respond.



As you said you are using Unattended BOT and for this we no need to do anything.

Once you trigger the BOT from Orchestrator and it will login to machine automatically and perform all actions and once done it will logout from the machine.

I didn’t face this kind of issue till now.

As you are licensed BOT you can contact UiPath support team and may be they will help you to resolve this issue.


Thanks @lakshman - I’ve reached out to the UiPath support team for assistance. I know you haven’t encountered any issue like this but do you think it could be related to the configuration of UiPath as we are using Azure?

On a side note; while the robot is appearing as unresponsive in the Orchestrator; I’ve ran a quick Orchestrator HTTP request to see what the error may be although it’s showing as a “200” message; which would imply that the connection is there and can be made correctly.

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Hi @sandeep13,

We’re using unattended robots in the Virtual Machines - I believe the issue is regarding the heartbeat timing out as per the event viewer logs. I have not located any information online on how to resolve this issue and was wondering if you’ve seen/heard of anyone having a similar issue?

I have encountered an error with the symptoms you are describing before, and it required several troubleshooting calls with UiPath support to resolve. In our case the UiPath bots and Orchestrator were installed locally on our own servers. I believe the ultimate fix required us to open up specific ports on the network firewalls. Unfortunately I do not remember the specific ports we had to open, and I have since moved on to a different company and have not encountered it again.

UiPath support should be able to help you troubleshoot the issue.