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Hello Everyone,

Kindly help. My browser is open and and after done with other work, I want to work with the same browser which is currently open. What should I do to work with open browser. I am doing with the activity as Attach Browser and giving the link in Navigate to activity but it shows the error like, “value doesn’t fall within the expected range”

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Did you pass the browser variable?


yes I have passed though it is not working


Check this post



If your specifying the browser variable in attach browser then no need of navigate activity please remove and try.
If still doesn’t works then remove browser variable and copy the selector of main browser and pass in attach browser.



Thanks to all for your quick response. I tried through selector @ddpadil and yes its working. Thanks again.



Summary Of the Solution (For Rookies Like Me):

For a Sequence Like the the one below:

When you do a ‘Indicate on Screen’, You have to highlight the content of a given Tab. Not the whole browser window. Here’s the difference you will see in the selector :

Whole Window Selected ( open In IE.) :
< wnd app=‘iexplore.exe’ cls=‘IEFrame’ title=‘SHA1 online - Internet Explorer’ />

Only the Content of the Specific Tab:
< html title=‘SHA1 online’ />

When you select the Whole Window , we get the error you mentioned :

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Nithin Prabhu

Web Automation - when I add the Attach Browser activity and specify the browser, I receive an error "Value does not fall within the expected range"

@Nithin_P :slight_smile: it’s already done through selectors.
Thanks again !!