Problem with using 'Attach Browser'

Hey guys,

I am quite new to UiPath. I created a routine to do some operations on a web page. For this I have to navigate on the web page to specific positions (it’s a viewer for our projects, imaginable like Google Maps).

Then I save the URL and open it in a new firefox window with the ‘Open Browser’ function. I save the browser in a variable, let’s call it window.

In the following steps the robot have to mark some points in the specific position of the viewer. I did this with ‘Attach Browser’ and gave it the variable window. The workflow is fine and works perfectly well.

Back in my flowchart is another workflow which shall use the same window after that. I did the same thing with ‘Attach Browser’ and the same varibale window. But the operations happen in my main browser, where I navigated to the scene.

Can someone help me with this issue? Did I miss something?

Thank you very much!

@domhem Are you executing your workflow through an orchestrator?

@Vrushali_Gave No, I do not at the moment.

can you be more clear means what exactly error you are getting

@ImPratham45 I do not get an error. But the problem is I attached a browser where all operations should happen. In the end the application uses the browser for one workflow and for the other workflow (which follows the first and has the same conditions) the application uses my main browser, which is not what I want.

have you check the selectors of the Main and the other on
check those selectors and make changes

I didn’t use selectors. I save an URL and open it with an ‘Open Browser’. That is what I save into an Uipath.core.browser variable.

In the workflows I just give the ‘Attach Browser’ function the Uipath.core.browser variable as an input.

If you are giving main browser output then it will go to that browser only
Can u share workflow and your process

I can show some of my workflow. I’m sorry but some points are in German. I can get you through if you want to know something.

So the following picture is the flowchart: What happens before: Before I start the application I have an open browser with a current scene. Then I start my application. Basically the application saves the URL from the scene in a String variable. Then follows the flowchart on the picture. The numbers indicate which workflows are affected in my problem.

Let’s start with 1. Before I said I saved an URL. In this operation the application just opens a browser with the URL in the variable. You can see it in the next picture, indicated by the blue arrow on the right side (Input).
The red arrow indicates my Output. The variable is from the type Uipath.Core.Browser.

In the 2. red box there is the first use of the variable. Here everthing works perfectly as intended. In the following picture are the settings for the attached browser function. The red arrow indicates the input.
The operations which follows are made in the attached browser.

In the third red box its not working anymore. The following pictures shows the setting for this attached browser function. Red arrow indicates the input.
The following operations are made in the browser which I used at the beginning (main browser).

The other steps in between this two workflows do not touch the variable ‘placer’.

So you want to continue from second attach browser in 3rd step ryt?

Kind of. I want that in the third step the right browser is used for the operations

Then give output variable for attach browser just like for open browser
as when u use first variable only so it will let you work in 1st browser op

try to give output variable for attach browser and use it in step 3

Do you suggest a new variable or can i use ‘placer’ for this?

if you want to use another u can or u can use placer also
if you required 1st one for further use in workflow then create new one

Still not working as inteded. I guess its a problem with the operations in the third step.

Could it be, that if the selectors taken place in the main browser (like clicks and others) it cannot be transfered with copy+paste into an attached browser?

have you getting any errors?
or what

Same situation as before. Nothing changed