Uipath - Attach browser - value does not fall within the expected range


when I am trying to execute the attach browser from one workflow to another workflow, I am getting following error.


Which browser are you using? This usually happens when application stops responding. Try to open a fresh instance and then see if it helps

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have you checked correctly all the arguments in which you keep the browser from one invoke to another one ?

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@avanish1989 Are you indicating the complete browser for Attach Browser Selector? Try by just indicating the html web page instead of the tab or browser window.

Rammohan B.


I am new user to UiPath. I too faced the same error. I followed your suggestion and it worked. Could you brief out how it has worked ?

any solution came on this thread for this ?

Any solution to this thread guys??

Can u show the selector?

Thanks for the concern!

Browser: Internet Explorer
Window: Multi Window

It is resolved now for my case,

  1. Deleted the Old cache memory and cookies in IE.
  2. Checked for the correct Attach Browser Selector in a test sequence with Execution Trail.(with selectors on tag and website link since there are multiple windows in the process) .
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