Attach browser error

I have this issue with Attach broswer.
I get this error and don’t know how to solve it. Do you have any recommendations on how to replace the attach broswer?

ps: the white zone is because I erased my email :slight_smile:

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Is the browser already open to your email when you are trying to use the Attach activity?

already opened…if it is not opened should i use the attach activity?

If it is not opened then the Attach won’t find it and the Open Browser should be used to open the site. If the browser is already open to your email and the selector is still not working you may need to use wildcards in your selector.

do you have any click activity inside the attach browser?

try to use below solution:

Buddy have you selected the whole screen or the whole browser as a element in this attach browser, if not kindly do that and try buddy.
if its done in the similar way, though you have already opened the mail page in your browser, make sure that page is stillopen and you are there before you use attach browser activity, the reason is if you have opened the webpage and changed to some other desktop application along the process and then if you use attach browser, it wont work buddy, we need to get back to the web page from the desktop application (example), then only the attach browser can find the element, i.e., the element here should be the whole page…whole screen or atleast whole browser screen

Kindly try this and let know buddy
you were almost done…it easy buddy @Alexa_Durdunescu

I don’t want to be rude, but your message is confusing :frowning: I simply didn’t understand the second part after ,or…" what click activity are you talking about?

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Fine buddy

Let me tell you again

  1. See you have opened a browser and did some activities…after this
  2. This is just to explain…say on doing some activity in the first page of the browser, its taking you to another page…and you want to do some activities in that new page…and you have managed all those activities inside a new attach browser activity
  3. While still being in new page, inside the attach browser. if you are trying to access the element in the first page…the bot wont be able to identify that element as that element is not in the new page…it is in the first page right…so we need to add another attach browser activity to access that element…

Cheeers @Alexa_Durdunescu

so what u want to say is that before using the attach browser I must use the open broswer to open the page…it still doesn’t work


Could you please tell me the steps you followed to do this ?

Hello @Alexa_Durdunescu,

  1. Hope you have used open browser activity to open a web-page.
  2. Now while using the open browser activity in the properties panel set the output variable, while doing so the variable type is saved as browser element.
  3. instead of using the attach browser activity use activity called Activate.
  4. in Activate activity under Target section in Element option give the out put variable that you had set while using the attach browser activity.

let me know if that helped

I have attached the sample workflow hope this would be of help.

Ashley Nihal Dcunha

Web_Browser.xaml (5.9 KB)

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