Assistant not able to initiate the process when job initiated from Orchestrator

Assistant not able to initiate the process when job initiated from Orchestrator.

Assistant is connected to Orchestrator and orchestrator does list the robots as available during initiating the jobs.

The job is left in" …pending state " with the Orchestrator after showing “command sent successfully” message.

Can anybody help me with the steps to resolve?


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Can you please disconnect the bot machine from Orchestrator and then reconnect it again.

I have tried multiple times , but still is not able to resolve the issue.

Let me know is there anything i am missing with configuration of Bot/Machine with Orchestrator or other.


Are you able to run the process from UiPath Assistant ?

Yes I am able to run it from UiPath Assistant


May I know what type of license did you select for that BOT in Orchestrator ? And also can you please show the screenshot of how you provided the credentials to it.

I have not set any credentials for this bot…
Can you help me step by step configuration credentials with latest version of Cloud orchestrator
(any document)?


Use Standard Template instead of Machine Template and then check it once.

Hello @Lakshmi_Malla,

Are you using Community or Enterprise edition?

First, create the machine in Orchestrator.

After that, in users, your user shoud be Automation Developer and assign the user and the machine to the folder. Then you must use this kind of connection from UiPath Assistant:


After that, check in License tab in Orchestrator that your machine is connected for the unattended license:

I hope it helps :slight_smile:


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Please have a look on this doc on how to connect robot to orchestrator

Cheers @Lakshmi_Malla

Enterprise edition.

Assistant has nothing to do with Orchestrator running jobs on your servers.

If your job is stuck in pending, it’s probably because you don’t have an available unattended Robot on that server.

Whenever i see this above text, there’s 99% chance the windows password was updated but not in the robot setting in orchestrator.

Can you just enter correct password in the orchestrator for that robot and try again?

If I am not wrong there is some configuration credentials settings.
Plz check below screenshot.

If this error comes means what to do?

Configured robot - still some issue which I am getting confused.

Looks like I have configured everything but something is missing - Please can anybody help me to resolve this…

Have you put in the username and password for each Robot? The error message says it can’t find one with credentials configured. Listen to the error message.