How to start Robot in Orchestrator

I have created a Robot and deployed a process, but it went to disconnected state, kindly some one help me how to make it running state.
Below are the steps I followed.

  1. Logged into orechestrator
  2. clicked on Robots tab>>Clicked on Provision Robot ( created successfully) ( please find the attached screenshot)
    ( please find the attached screenshot)
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hi @cmrameships

Please follow following steps:

Provision Robot
Create Environment
Manage Robots
Add Queue(if required for you.)
Add Asset (Global/per robot) (if required for you)
Publish Process from UiStudio
Create Release
Start Job/Add Schedule


Did you setup the robot on the machine, with the URL and Key? Like in chapter 3.2.1 here.

Thanks Cosin,
Document you shared was really helpful, I did and I am able to schedule the jobs, but the jobs are failing with the below error message, could you please let me know what credentials I need to pass and where to pass. Please find the below error message screenshot.

Thanks Akash,
I can able to start the jobs, but jobs are failing, could you please look into it and help on how to fix this issue.

Please find the below screenshot for your reference.

Hi Aksh,
Could you please help me to understand the architecture of the UiPath, if there is any document/diagram kindly share it.


hi @cmrameships

This error is because at the time of robot provision you have shared credentials which are wrong. i have mentioned all steps on previos threads as well but as a new user or may be enterprise users are able to see that question category “orchestrator.”.

At the time of robot provision just entered your system login credentials not what you wants to assign an robot.
Let me know it helped you or not?


hey @cmrameships

Architecture of uipath ? what do you mean with that? orchestrator? and all?.. will you please explain?


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Hi Aksh,
Every tool or technology have their own architecture, and it will explains, where to start and where to end and how the layers works. ( ex: like how a project have architecture diagram, in the same way),
Do we have same in UiPath?


Hi, @aksh1yadav,
Would you please give me more detail how to set correctly login credential information?

I found you have answered about this in the topic below;
How to start Robot in Orchestrator

Set username as “domain\username” format,
Set password as the one related to the username.

So it resolved. Thanks!

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Good To know :slight_smile: I was in dreams :smiley:


That link is broken, can u fix please?

Hi, I fixed. Would you confirm?

It takes me to this same page. Is that the intention?

for me, this link “How to start Robot in Orchestrator” brings me to this URL: How to start Robot in Orchestrator

I don’t know why it doesn’t bring you to the same page.

It IS the same page

Oh, understand. I will fix in a few dates.

When i try to start a job, i get this error. Can someone explain me why i get this error and maybe could help me to solve it? Thanks

I have the same problem as you and I have no idea how to solve it. Have you got a solution?