Assistant not able to initiate the process when job initiated from Orchestrator

@Lakshmi_Malla, Did you try the steps I told you?

I had the same issue as you, and I could solve it doing those steps. Let me know if they are not working please :slight_smile:

Hi @Angel_Llull ,

I have tried same thing but still I have same issue . Let me check once again.

Have you put in the username and password for each Robot? The error message says it can’t find one with credentials configured. Listen to the error message.

Thank you @postwick .

I am working with that since I raised a ticket also parallely so I got response response like this to follow below URL
Deploying Unattended Robots - Enterprise License.

Based on that document I do understand we should have Bot Invitation to configure Unattended bot- am I correct?

If so I am working my team to get get Bot credentials. thank you everyone for wonderful resposes.

and also as per this document we have to create in Shared folder rather MyworkSpace. earlier i have created in Myworkspace will share you all once updated with sharedfolder

Yes to run unattended automations you have to create AD logins that have access to the server (including remote login permissions). Then you create a Robot in Orchestrator, giving it that login and password. Then you put the Robot(s) into the same Environment that the Process is in. The Robot AD account will also need permissions to any folders, applications, etc. it needs to use.

Orchestrator uses that account to RDP to the server and kick off the automation. Assistant doesn’t have anything to do with this process.

Glad you got the solution.

Always remember, if there’s a Pending status of a job for a longer time. It’s time to check and update credentials.

Also always appreciated if you put as much as information possible in the original post so that the resolution is quick.

Happy Automating!!!