Not able to start the bot as attended/unattended process from Orchestrator

I am not able to understand as why I am having this issue.

See the image above. When starting the job from UiPath assistant it works but when scheduling an unattended job it is always pending. I can see under connected machine it’s blank and I think that’s the cause of this issue but again not sure why it is blank as the orchestrator and UiPath Assistant are connected.
Under the Trigger, I have machine template and also added a machine with its name. Doesnt matter which machine I select it never runs from Orchestrator and only runsfrom UIPath assistant.

Hi @tyagis

Your unattended robot settings for your user need to have the actual name of the machine, as per thewhoami command in your windows command line. Judging from the limited information on this screenshot, it should do the trick.

Thanks, I was able to fix it by not adding any machine but using the default Workspace Machine Template and then selecting the connected machine.
The problem now is Orchestrator says Command Sent but stays Pending and doesn’t start the automation.

Hi @tyagis,

What is the status of license under licenses tab? Is it green or red?

Also, can you please go to your command prompt on the machine you are trying to run the unattended process on, type “whoami”, and paste that domain\username for the unattended bot in the user settings as seen here and enter the windows password under “password”:


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