Assignment 1 : Unable to proceed with Get transaction data workflow

Need help again.

Get transaction Data : Unable to get details of WIList in get transaction data workflow whereas count of WIList got displayed as 11 in Extract WorkItem Datatable.

Can you please help here whether I have misplaced arguments. Checked multiple times but couldnt getMain.xaml (61.2 KB)
Extract Work Item Data Table.xaml (7.4 KB)
GetTransactionData.xaml (8.7 KB)

@Leela_Javvaji Your Get Transaction Item activity is commented out.

Hi @Leela_Javvaji

I went through your workflows. It looks like you are not capturing the out_Transactionitem which is returned by the GetTransactionData.xaml.

If you check the invoke workflow activity of the getTransactionData, the argument out_Transactionitem is not assigned to anything.

This should be assigned to TransactionItem variable for it to capture the WIID it returns.

Additionally, the transactionItem variable should be of type String. What you have currently is a datarow array

So you may need to change all the places that use transactionItem to type String because it only holds the WIID which is returned from the GetTransactionData.xaml.

So you might need to change this in the main workflow, Process.xaml, SetTransactionStatus.xaml and also in few other places if they throw errors.

Changing these should work for you…

Let know how it goes…


Hi @Lahiru.Fernando,

I have updated transactionitem datatype to String but still shows script has some validation errors. Can you please help me in understanding where I missed
Some browser type errors as well

GetTransactionData.xaml (8.0 KB)
Main.xaml (61.2 KB)

Error as WIList as Null


As we are not using Orchestrator QUeues I have commented out Get transaction Item. Please correct me if I am wrong


Can you please help me in understanding my missing s.

Hi @Leela_Javvaji

Sorry for my late reply… can you share your workflow solution as a zip file so that i can have a look? Then we both can take a look and fix them (528.4 KB)

Please check and help

Im in the process of checking it…

any specific errors that you face when running this? I however don’t see any syntax of validation errors for the moment

Now its showing new errors

Till Extraction of Work Items , its working fine

Facing errors at Get transaction Data . WIList is not getting imported in Gettransaction data workflow I hope. Can you please check
And also facing errors at Close tab and Invoke workflow file

Below are the errors for the run just done now.

Yes… There were many errors that I had to correct. How come you changed many changes in InitAllSettings, GetCredential etc? :slight_smile:

There are many changes, and few seconds ago I also noticed that WIList is not getting data. that is because You are not outputting the WIList from InitAllApplications to the main workflow. I will send these changes in a while. Please compare them with yours…

Sure.Thank you.

Does all the workflows are incorrect?but its running fine till extract workitems

Latest errors

Hi @Leela_Javvaji

Yes… it was running fine in your computer. However, you have hard coded many things which are actually wrong :slight_smile:

  1. InitAllSettings - You have hard coded the location of the config file which actually includes the full file path. Accurate way is only have the file path from the parent folder of the solution. I have corrected it.
  2. GetAppCredential - You have changed the asset name and hard coded it. However it should come from the input argument. I corrected these too
  3. When invoking Login.xaml, you have to get the credential asset which you have mentioned in the config file. You have actually hard coded it which is wrong. So I changed it to get the credential name from the config file.
  4. Why WIList is null at GetTransactionData - after extracting and filtering, you have not added it to the output argument to pass it to the InitAllApplications.xaml. From there, again we have to create another output argument and pass it to the main workflow WIList variable.

I have done all these changes and now it is working fine :slight_smile: (529.9 KB)

Try this solution and see whether it works. In mine, it works until the execution of Process.xaml :slight_smile:

Thanks @Lahiru.Fernando
I have executed your corrected workflow and WIList are available in Get transaction data

Just I tried to understand the missings that I have done and execute my workflow still same errors after incorporating your comments.Can you please help once again

Below is my understanding of your corrections:

  1. InitAllSettings  ConfigTable variable created in your workflow
    Whereas I see Config file path given as “Data\Config.xlsx” couldn’t see full path hereimage

  2. GetAppCredentials – Asset name is given in double quotes which means hardcoded . Corrected

However it should come from the input argument. I corrected these too Didn’t understand this line

  1. Credentials were hardcoded.Corrected


4.Created out WIList argument and assigned WIList to it



Hi @Leela_Javvaji

So for the first error, it looks like your Close Tab is not specified within the attach browser activity. It should look something similar to below.

For the second error on SHA1, configure your invoke workflow like this. It will work

Yes… Earlier, you had the get credential activity and the credential name was hard coded. However, when invoking the getCredential workflow, you are passing an argument that holds the credential name right? That argument should come here as the asset name as that we do not hard code it here :slight_smile:

Hope i explained well?


Already Attach browser is available.

WHile trying to invoke SHA1Online arguments showing error .Do we need to create argument in_Config again?