Stuck at GetTransactionData (Assignment 1 Level 3)

Hi all,

Currently I am doing assignment 1 level 3 and i stuck at the GetTransactionData workflow. all of the workflow is completed just stuck at this workflow. I already out of idea how to solve it. Please help me.

GetTransactionData.xaml (7.5 KB)

Hi @Helmi,
From what I remember your in_WIList argument should be DataRow[] (array) cause it have a list of rows, not only one row. So your Condition for If should be like in_TansactionNumber <= in_WIList.Count. Read carefully the instruction cause there is also information that array is counting from index 0 not 1. So you Assign in Then section requires “-1”. If I good remember the value will be like in_WIList(in_TransactionNumber -1). Hope that this help you :wink:

ToString is a conversion method. You can not assign to it

Thanks @Pablito and @c.ciprian …i re-read the walkthrough and found out that I understand the word wrongly. I already made changes and it work well. just that right now I am having another error which is this one.



I did read somewhere on the forum that we need to define value to a variable/arguments but I cannot recall where.

Debug, run step by step and see what goes wrong

Please take a look at the workflow. Seriously I have no idea where it failed. Already debug and do step by step but still cannot find what is the issue. (520.8 KB)

Did you read the walkthrough?!? It has your answer with picture even


Please check also your invoke workflows as there are some arguments without any value assigned.

Have you open my workflow ?

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