Hi All,

I am getting stuck at the Get Transaction Data part and Extract Data Table. Could someone kindly review and let me know the issue?

Extract Work Item Data Table.xaml (8.6 KB)

GetTransactionData.xaml (7.7 KB)

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This is my most recent example. Made some modifications to the Get Transaction Data process


Before If condition, try to print the below values using message box and see

in_WIList.Count and in_TransactionNumber

If it didn’t print values then check whether you passed arguments properly or not.

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Hello @jonathan89
what error or problem you faced? give more details its help to solve the problem


I’m getting the error below, and only on the general business process page.

remove the Transtion that target Get transation data itself

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Thanks, but I’m not sure Im following. What transition?

the arrow beside the ‘Success’ Transition, the one that made the U-turn, delete that one.

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Thanks. Deleting the suggested stop the error in the General Business Process. However, I am still getting this error when running the workflow. Cannot seem to figure this out, please help.

these are my agruments


these are my variables

this is my Extracted datatable work item.

Extract Work Item Data Table.xaml (8.3 KB)

confirm this once

this error occur because of no data in in_WIList.Count and in_TransactionNumber



thanks, but I still do not understand where this is to be amended.

Could you clarify please?


check once in in GetTransactionData workflow

check the value of in_WIList.Count and in_TransactionNumber

not forget to increment TransactionNumber by 1
in Process Transition

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I got the reason why I was getting error.

It was because I was not assigning the value of input argument in extract data table workflow as you suggested.




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