Error getting transaction data for Transaction Number: 1. Value cannot be null. Parameter name: source at Source: Message box

I can’t understand where the error occur

Please verify that you have data in GetTransactionData.xaml in variable WIList

What are you printing in your message box in GetTransactionData? can you share?

GetTransactionData.xaml (11.1 KB)

Yes, I verified but the WIList is not passed from Extract data table to Get transaction data.Main.xaml (55.8 KB)

I can see two WIList variables

see if that is causing issue, also check the scope of variable


Now, it throws error in Set transaction data

You can disable all activities in SetTransactionStatus.xaml except where the TransactionBumber is getting incremented



Can you check what is the datatype for your transattionItem variable and argument?
I think you have missed making that change

In GetTransactionData.xaml, the out_TransactionItem returns a value like System.Data.DataRow. I don’t know the error of that workflow.GetTransactionData.xaml (11.1 KB)SetTransactionStatus.xaml (58.4 KB)

Yes, I checked. The transactionItem datatype is System.Data.DataRow in all the Workflow.

did you try post the disabling of the activities?

yes, I tried that also.Main.xaml (55.7 KB)

In SetTransactionStatus, I got confusion.

SetTransactionStatus.xaml (59.5 KB)

Will be difficult like this. Can you personal message me your whole code? Ill have a look

Ok couple of things.

  1. The code you sent does not have validation issue (so thats that)
  2. You have not used background processing i.e use of SimulateType or SimulateClick.
    Due to that some issues in your click and navigation.
  3. Some selectors were not working (fixed that)
  4. Some xamls path were not correct, you had them in SHA1Online folder but invokes were for a different path so had to be refreshed
  5. In GetTransactionData dont need to use message box (halts your process till you intervene) rather use a WriteLine
  6. Cannot print a DataRow directly to see what value it holds. You can print one value from the row or translate the row to an string type(a little additional work but not required here, you can do if you want to learn)
  7. You need to use trim for the client data extraction, as you cannot have spaces (check this out)
  8. Why do you have a extract work items dt again below, it should be extract client info workflow
    Note: you should not create arguments in the Invoke Workflow you should use the Import button and then assign the arguments that you have defined in the workflow

For this assignment you have used Chrome, but i will suggest for the next use IE by default.

Let me know if solves your issues.

Hello nadim can you help me , i have this issue ; It tries to get Transaction14 wich not exists . The length of WI_LList is 13

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Hi nadeem,
Pls help me as I m getting error as index was outside the bond of array. My workflow is working properly but at last I m getting this error… So pls

Hi @Divya11

How did you resolved it.