REFramework importing arguments

Hey all,

Since I updated my CE of UIPath to 2019.5.0, I am not able to pass arguments anymore.

For example, when I indicate the value in the ‘invoked workflows arguments’ and press ‘ok’, nothing is saved.

Could somebody please explain what is going on?

Thanks in advance.


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Go to properties of Invoke Workflow activity and add values under Arguments section and save it.


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Buddy @Kimo

Usually when a argument is passed with value in the new updated invoke workflow Activity…we need to press ok and save the workflow
Then if we want to check the value in the arguments we need to check the ARGUMENT property in invoke workflow property panel
Not the import arguments in workflow, as it will freshly import argument without any values that’s why showing ni values in it buddy…so to check with values we need check the arguments property buddy
Cheers @Kimo

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Thank you!

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Fantastic buddy
Cheers @Kimo

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