Critical bug!

I just now updated UiPath.System.Activities activities to the version 19.5.0 and now when I set variables in import arguments in invoke workflow and then open import arguments again, the variables are disappearing as they were not setted.


Actually Import Arguments option is new feature. If you want to Edit Arguments then go to properties of that Invoke WorkFlow activity and click on arguments section then add variables to it and save it. That’s it.

Hi @user42,
Sorry for inconvenience. Please read here:

“Known issue:
Import Arguments button makes arguments values overwritten with default value from invoked workflow arguments. This makes usually the values empty. This issue will be fixed in next release.”


Thank You for the answer.

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Please be kind. We are only humans and are here to help. Sometimes it may happen that somebody will not understand what someone wrote. It’s human thing to make mistakes :wink:

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