Anchor Activity

Can someone explain me when do we have to use Anchor Base Activity please?


Anchor is same as the name something like a constant value

Lets say you are filling a form while filling what you will do

Seeing the question or a word you will be filling the details below or up or left or right side in which the form is asking you to fill the details

Likewise you are telling the bot to see a particular word like

First name : and then we will have text field in which we need to enter the correct data you can tell the bot that the text field will be below the firstname or right to first name or use the AUTO it will detect and act accordingly


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Most likely we should use it when we have a relative element, so basically the left part that will contain a find element activity, will look for the relative element, and in the right part the thing that we need to do, it could be a click, get text, type into, whatever but all is based on the relative element.

We can also use it when there are many similar elements, and we need to get an specific anchor to get the desire element.


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Hi @ANGE ,

In short, we use anchor base activity when we want to target some element which doesn’t have a good selector using an element having a good selector.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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if that solved your query, remeber to close the topic!


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