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I am trying to work on module 6 assignment which needs us to use anchor base for referencing. However, I am not getting indicate element option in anchor base when added inside attach browser window. Could someone please tell me reason for this. Is there some change in the way anchor base activity behaves than it used to. Please guide.

Use find element and use type into before open browser


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In Anchor base we can use Find element or Find Image activity on the left side as anchor
Did you try with that activity buddy
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I will share my ss here. This might give better idea of issue.


yah in anchor put the activity called Find element activity (from activity panel)
with which you can select the element you want in the brower buddy
or if you are not able to select the element in the browser as individual element and the whole window gets selected when trying to select a element then use Find Image instead of Find element and scrape the image of that element so that the bot will find that element as image instead of element
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Thanks a lot, this works now. I come from a non technical background and have directly jumped onto RPA (I just liked this tool a lot and wanted to learn myself). I hope my queries would not be way too silly. Thank you for the guidance.


No worries
it was a good question indeed at the beginning stage buddy
Kindly have a look at the usage of all these activities in our
under level-1 foundation training
That would really help you buddy
Cheers @Sharad_Rai

I am referring that…kind of my geeta at present. Your assistance helped me complete the flow. I got the result :slight_smile:

Cheers @Sharad_Rai

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