AnchorBase vs Find Relative Element

Can anybody explain the difference between AnchorBase and Find Relative Element activities and show me some examples where to use each of them?



Please find the below URL for Anchor base activity

Anchor base is used for find the element which is dynamically changing the posistion inthe UI.
inside of anchor base we used find element to find the element in the UI.

Find relative element is used to find the element without position change in the UI.

Please find the below URL for difference between find relative element and anchor base activity.

Hope it helps


Pradeep Sridharan


Hi Asiri,

Anchor Base: UiPath.Core.Activities.AnchorBase

A container that searches for a UI element by using other UI elements as anchors. This should be used when a reliable selector is not available. For reliability reasons, it is recommended to avoid the usage of the idx attribute in selectors. It is considered a best practice to use Anchor Base instead of idx attributes whenever possible.

This does not work in background as it use screen position of Anchor and target element to find the element.

Find Relative Element: UiPath.Core.Activities.FindRelative

Searches for a UI element by using a position relative to a fixed element. This should be used when a reliable selector is not available.

Work in background but relies on internal structure.

Please refer "Uipath Academy Foundation training, Lesson 6 - Selectors Part 4 - RPA Challenge video from 2:06 " for more details and used cases.

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